Pierre Samson, Business and Consumer Data Analyst

My role is to evolve the software solutions for web marketing specialists. Integrating data through all channels, elaborating KPIs based on needs per position and departments. Using advance correlated Technics to push complementary data to user profiles (Web, email, Web Analytics, CRM, Automated marketing, 360° customer profiling) in a best practice of Insight solutions.

My objective is to use all correlated data for optimizing customer experiences throughout all marketing channels for your company, Giving you premium insight into your customer Profiles.

Web : Using Real Time data analytics to push offers to customers for cross selling purposes, pushing content based on semantic analysis. Using analytics from A B Testing and pushing forward the most successful offers to segmented customer groups.

Email : Managing commercial pressure to customer has become a tricky question. Everyone is being remarketed on different websites, by email and on actual website. How are you able to measure that exposition throughout all your channels. Simple answer, Big Data Analytics.

CRM : 360° customer view lets you see what your customers have been exposed to by all your marketing channels; what he has looked at on your website (products, abandoned shopping carts, latest orders, marketing channels and campaigns he has been active on, site search and semantic data for instances themes based on browsing)

Web Analytics : You've been using Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Webtrends, CoreMetrics, NetInsight. Well now you know you've been gathering huge amounts of data. What about those, what can you do with it to find out more about user profiles, behaviors and applying that knowledge to better you're conversion rates. How can you use your Big Data with your web analytics solution to gain better understanding of your Customer profiles. How can you gather knowledge about who they are throughout they're "on site" existence. What if you could follow a customer life cycle on your website and having dynamic web profile attribution.